Spring / Summer 2019 - OUT NOW


At Doyenne, we very much value the power of the community as the main tool to have a positive impact on society. We believe in equal opportunities and reciprocal help, which we put at the centre of our platform by supporting international skateboarding charities with donations. We decided to so because, as a brand that stands for inclusivity, is also important to consider realities which have emerging skateboarding scenes but no point of reference.
Our mission is to break the intimidating barriers of prejudice, which often lead to fear and misunderstanding, by opening conversations and meeting halfway to have a skate together and perhaps making new friends. Time let us realise the benefits that our Beginners Sessions had on all of you that had the chance to attend. Having the courage to show up by yourself is not something to underestimate, and having others encouraging your achievements certainly is very empowering.
For this, and many other reasons, we decided to expand our Beginners Skate Sessions internationally, by introducing a programme of ambassadors that can represent Doyenne around the globe, providing anyone that wants to learn how to skate or that simply wants to meet like-minded people a safe place to start. As we previously did in Glasgow, we will work towards equipping our skateboarding sessions with free boards available to everyone attending our event. To this end, from now on our donations will be supporting this initiative, in order to make all of this possible and effectively work towards making skateboarding accessible to as many people, therefore more diverse.
10% of the profit will be donated towards starting this project