Since the start, Doyenne adopted a “think global, act local” philosophy, organising free events to bring the Glasgow community together while using our brand to raise donations for global projects. 10% of our proceeds are donated to causes that use skateboarding as a catalyst of positive change and charities that support our same values.


Our Beginners Skate Sessions help widen the diversity of our local scene by creating a safer space where we offer free lessons open to everyone.

Held in: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Athens, New York City. 1000+ Participants

Donations to: Skateistan, Skatepal, Concrete Jungle Foundation, Free Movement Skateboarding, Visibility Scotland, Intersex Justice Project, SAMS Scotland for Mental Health.

We have now decided to invest our donations to our personal fund Across The Board which will allow us to support other projects, collectives, and groups that work towards our same goal, making skateboarding inclusive and accessible to all.



Our mission is to make skateboarding more inclusive, intersectional, and accessible to everyone. We believe these values are key to creating an environment that is a true depiction of how our world really is. Diversity is crucial in nature’s ecosystems, and so should be for societies. We hope to promote a culture of kindness where respect is nurtured and support is given to one another.

Since the start, we have supported members from our skateboarding community and we want to show our love by sponsoring some of them and including them in our skate team. We know that the skateboarding industry unjustly overshadows many skaters who deserve more recognition, so even if we are a small independent brand and we can't give out pro contracts, we still give all the support we can.

THE TEAM: Vitoria, Leah, Nikki, Pip, Yaz, Peach, Ioulitta, Jae




We care about people and the environment. Ethicality and Sustainability have been two of the main aspects we have been researching since starting our business. We are aware of the urgency to tackle these important issues that are often appropriated by marketing campaigns whilst being overlooked in the creative process.

Although we are a small business, we have really high standards for ourselves, and one step at a time we are finding ways to reconsider our knowledge and improve our choices. We are continuously educating ourselves on the problems related to fashion manufacturing and we are actively improving, one step at a time.