Doyenne is a skateboarding brand run by women, founded in 2017, in Glasgow, Scotland. Doyenne produces genderless clothing and accessories sourced from ethical manufacturers and printed locally. The brand was created to celebrate and empower the underdogs and the marginalised in the determined pursuit of equality and unity, the mission behind it is to provide support to minorities within the community, making skateboarding more accessible by offering free lessons and by using their platform to increase representation.  

We value the power of the community as the main tool to have a positive impact on society. Part of the profit of our sales goes towards sustaining our International Ambassadors Programme, which permits us to expand our free beginners lessons outside Glasgow. As a brand that stands for inclusivity, it is also important to consider realities with emerging skateboarding scenes which are as valuable as the already existing ones.

We believe in equal opportunities and unity. Our mission is to break the intimidating barriers of prejudice, which often lead to fear and misunderstanding, by opening conversations and meeting halfway to have a skate together and perhaps making new friends. We are aware of the diversity present in every community and we want to celebrate it by actively promoting representation and empowerment within our platform.

All the clothes that we sell are produced in respect of the planet and human rights. Our products are sourced from ethical manufacturers around the globe and the graphics are printed and embroidered in collaboration with local companies in Glasgow. We are not fully sustainable yet, but we are working every day towards a more eco-friendly future.

Since the start, Doyenne kept as a priority collaborative projects with emerging talents - such as illustrators, fashion designers, photographers, and painters. We see collaboration as the best tool to support artists and makers into self-employment, with a long term goal of giving them visibility and facilitate their establishment within the creative industry.

Doyenne seeks to oppose against the disparity of society by giving voice to the minority and the unrepresented. We promote equal opportunities and reciprocal help. We believe that a solid community is a foundation needed to have a positive impact on society. Diversity is present in every community and we aim to celebrate it by actively promoting, embracing and empowering those aspects. We donate portions of our profits towards causes that promote inclusive skateboarding. In the past, we've donated to Skateistan, Skatepal, Concrete Jungle Foundation, Free Movement Skateboarding, and Visibility. We are now using the same donation system to fund our personal project Across The Board.

Across The Board is a new project by Doyenne aimed to spread Free Beginners Skateboarding Sessions worldwide. By supporting Doyenne you are supporting the rise of equal opportunities within the skateboarding scene. The project will start in 2021, it will be funded with ten percent of our collection profit and it will be reinvested directly in the community.  

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