Doyenne seeks to oppose the disparity of society by giving voice to the unrepresented. Diversity is present in every community and we aim to celebrate it by actively promoting, embracing and empowering those aspects through our platform. Our mission is to make skateboarding inclusive, intersectional and accessible by providing free lessons and by using our platform to increase representation and fighting against discrimination.

Doyenne has prioritised collaborative projects with talents from our community - such as illustrators, fashion designers, photographers, painters and more. We see collaboration as the best tool to support artists and makers, with the goal to give them a platform to display their artistry while enriching our community with their voices.   READ MORE →



Since the start we have supported members from our skateboarding community and we want to show our support by sponsoring some of them and including them in our Skate Team. We know that the skateboarding industry unjustly overshadows many skaters who deserve more recognition, so even if we are a small independent brand and we can't give out pro contracts, we still give all the support we can.

Our skate team is:

Vitoria BortoloLeahNikkiPipYazPeach, Ioulitta.