Across The Board is an international ambassadors' scheme by Doyenne aiming to widen our community worldwide. After observing the beneficial impact that our Beginners Skate Sessions had in Glasgow within the past three years, we decided to expand this possibility to other cities too. 


Our ultimate goal is to ensure equal opportunities within the skateboarding scene, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, class, or physical abilities. Inclusivity and diversity can't happen without the offer of equal opportunities. This is why initiatives such as Across The Board are relevant now more than ever.


At Doyenne we understand the physical, mental, and economic implications that can affect the starting of a new sport. By crafting experiences driven by kindness, reciprocal support, and inclusivity, we aim to facilitate the entrance into skateboarding by creating spaces where people can feel safe and welcomed.


While social media can be a valuable tool for connection, it can also build a fake sense of reassurance and create the illusion of connectedness. The UK's Mental Health Foundation revealed that 48% of people believe they are getting lonelier. Constant connectivity and smartphone attachment have observed an increase in social isolation, resulting in an intimacy recession. Skateboarding is a great solution for this.


Like many other sports, skateboarding is a physical activity from which our wellbeing can benefit greatly. It allows us to push ourselves to our full potential, it stimulates creativity and it introduces us to a community connected both locally and around the globe. Skateboarding gives a sense of belonging, which is key for the increase of self-esteem and it facilitates offline social interactions.