As a brand whose fundamental approach has been to support inclusivity and accessibility within skateboarding, across-the-board is a fund for emerging skate collectives and organizations with the same aim as us.

With this project, we decided to dedicate 10% of the proceeds of the past years to contribute in making skateboarding more accessible through the expansion of our lessons worldwide.

Unfortunately, the recurring events related to COVID-19 have made the organizational aspect of our events very unlikely, given that each government applied very different rules. However, the current growth and establishment of skate projects/groups focused on inclusivity and empowerment sparked a lot of excitement in us. For this reason, we decided that ultimately this fund we have collected should be offered to collectives and projects we love that are needing support to grow their vision and aspirations. 

Across the Board is open to all small projects, organizations, and collectives that do meaningful work in making skateboarding more accessible and inclusive for their community. As much we would like to support all of the projects, we would need to decide to donate to only 5 of them and we will prioritize the projects we feel would benefit from our fund the most.

Thanks for everyone that submitted their application for the fund! We got back to everyone and we will share more details about all the project chosen soon. 🧡


Doyenne Beginners

Our core mission is to create growth as we grow. Thanks to our community for supporting our brand so we can give the support back 🧡