Spring / Summer 2019 - OUT NOW


We believe that a strong community is the foundation of inclusivity. Creating a welcoming space where skaters and people from every background can come together and support each other is how we aim to make our community more accessible.

At Doyenne, we believe that everyone who wants to try skateboarding should have an equal opportunity to learn.

In our mission to make skating more accessible, part of the profit of our sales will be used for our International Ambassadors Programme.

The goal of the Across the board is to expand our free Beginners Skate Sessions outside Glasgow. We want to support emerging skate scenes in areas with limited access to resources.

We have donated part of the profit of all our sales since we have started and we always will.

Previously from starting our personal project we have donated to different charities including Skateistan, Skatepal, Concrete Jungle Foundation, Free Movement Skateboarding and Visibility.