Doyenne is a skateboarding brand run by women, founded in 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. We design inclusive gender neutral clothing and skateboards, made with an ethical and sustainable mindset. 


We started Doyenne spontaneously, by running skate sessions in Glasgow and launching our first small collection and recycled boards to raise money to donate to Skateistan. We got inspired by their work in making skateboarding accessible and we wanted to create a similar environment locally as we believe everyone should have the same opportunities by adopting a ‘think global, act local’ approach.

Our brand is made by skateboarders, designers, artists and creatives. We run Doyenne as an entity because we want it to stand by itself as Doyenne exists through our community, all of our collaborators, and our skate team.

We understand that the community is not complete without diversity, and you can’t have diversity without equal opportunities. That’s where our free beginners’ lessons came to be, building a space to learn how to skate and meet like-minded people. Give back has always been at the far front of our brand and we have donated a percentage of our proceeds from each collection and project to charities and organisations that work towards and support our same values, we believe in an Across the Board approach.

Doyenne channels inclusivity and intersectionality by questioning ourselves and our environment, but most importantly by opening conversations with our community, listening to them and trying to constantly reflect it in the work we do.

We design our clothing with everybody and the environment in mind, we try to reflect our values and our ideals through our collections. The clothing lines are genderless and manufactured in inclusive sizes, we are in the constant journey of improving our fit and design to be accessible and inclusive to all.


We started organising our first skate meet up in Glasgow with Unity Skateboarding in 2017 and since then we have been organising events and free lessons both locally in Glasgow and around the world. The impact of these sessions on our local community is probably the reason we decided to develop the Doyenne project further into an actual brand that would represent all the amazing individuals that inspire us and that could resonate with many more other people.

We are truly thankful to Skateistan and Unity for inspiring us and for leading the way in showing that through representation, accessibility, and support skateboarding can be for everyone.

After we started running the sessions we soon understood that “non-traditional’’ skateboarders have always existed in the community at the time but they were just not represented and supported enough. Since the lack of women, queer folks and disabled people from the media and the industry, we found very hard to find a brand that would feature anyone from the same community, and this is what led to the creation of a skateboarding brand that would support and celebrate people like us and give part of the money we make to the charities that work with the same goal in different parts of the world.

Building a platform is crucial to create connections, but most importantly to empower people coming from a similar background and showing them that there is a space for them within the community. We want everyone, skateboarders and non skateboarders, to know that this is a brand for them, and we don’t care how hardcore their heelflip is, we understand that each journey through skateboarding is unique in its kind.

Skateboarding is a creative engagement of the body and mind, very much like art. We believe that often art and skateboarding connect through a mutual feeling of freedom of creation and with seeing inventive potential in mundane objects to turn them into something completely different from the original purpose. There’s been too many rules within the way people should skate and what to do to be part of the community and we think breaking those rules is creatively redefining what skateboarding can be.

This is a very new and revolutionary chapter for skateboarding and we are so happy to be part of it.