Doyenne’s winter collection is inspired by all those comforting spaces that we use as an escape from cold and rainy times. It is an occasion to celebrate the creativity that comes in adaptation. As well as the community that skateboarding is capable to create, which is not only about skateboarding, but about the connections that it creates. From the interiors of local pubs to the depth of the dusty grey-blue sky, this season is a recall of the essence of the Scottish landscape.

In this collection, we decided to collaborate with friends and designers Carolyn Edmosdon and Pia Schiele in the creation of climate-neutral pieces that could re-evoke the way we feel about Glasgow, so cold and so warm at the same time.

Analogue Photography: Marilena Vlachopoulou
Videography: George Harwood
Models: Ioulitta, Amy, Malak, Fraser and Lewis
Digital Photography by Debora Bottino