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ReJean Denim is all about sustainable innovation and the repurposing of denim materials in Glasgow. With their aim to ‘bring new life’ into people’s denim clothing – they infused their unique technique and vision into the limited pieces for our collaboration. Τhese reclaimed jackets and their intricate patchwork design are all handmade and individual in their fit, and stylistic presentation.

ReJean Denim’s values align with ours in their objective to re-use denim materials that are considered one of the most detrimental in their environmental impact, while sourcing them locally, reclaiming them and repairing them, they pave the way for the fashion industry’s potential. This is also supported by their gender-neutral fit, a goal we have set for all of our garments to ensure everyone can wear them.

As a brand, we have been aware of fast fashion’s environmental and ethical impact, as well as the disproportionate waste of materials that it can create. The introduction of these jackets, alongside the entirety of our clothing range, aims to separate us from the fashion industry’s careless and unethical practices by doing better, in our little. Our production ethos supports the environment, especially in our most recent collaboration with ReJean Denim, we wanted to spread awareness and show how ‘’waste’’ can be creatively repurposed. In engaging with recycling garments, from ruined stock, photoshoot extras and unsold sizes we had left in our business, we have created a way to repurpose them to get closer to a zero-waste mindset.